Elegance, originality and quality are the terms forming the foundation of DIVA Amsterdam. This shows through the earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings crafted from various materials such as: silver, gold plated on silver, 9- 14- & 18- karat gold, diamond and (semi-) precious stones. The constantly changing collection of jewelry offers a unique and incredible range of choice for the shopper who is looking for something charming and magical.


Fashionable brands like GAS Bijoux, Reminiscence, Kurshuni, Gem Kingdom, Barong Barong, Bo Jewels, Coby, Susanne Friis Björner, Ayalabar, Mishky, Sarah Lou and Indygo. All just a small part of the tempting collection of jewellery that DIVA presents you in the shop or the webshop: shop.diva-amsterdam.com